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  1. The current situation will not improve till June 2020
  2. The Economy will take a hard beating and the financial indices will see a downward trend.
  3. Stock exchanges will see massive volatility
  4. Expect changes in the Portfolios of Ministers
  5. Some senior member of the Government or some Senior Leader will expire
  6. Some natural calamities in the form of Earthquakes, floods, storms, etc can be witnessed
  7. Communalism, fanaticism, etc will be on the rise
  8. Government will face several challenges during this period  
  9. Will see some respite from the Virus from the month of July 2020


A few days back, I had released my video explaining all those are explained in this article. The link of that video is In Mundane (Medhaneeya Jyotisha) astrology the main Solar ingress chart (i.e: when Sun enters a sign) are Aries (Mesha), Cancer (Karka), Libra (Thula), and Capricorn (Makara). The effect of one Solar ingress is effective till the next Solar ingress. For example the effect of Aries ingress is effective till the Cancer Solar ingress. Whereas, in the Tropical charts, the effects of the Solar ingress depends on the basis of rising sign. Now there is no point in discussing about Tropical charts, as we are going to discuss as per Sidereal astrology, i.e: Vedic astrology. Now coming back to the Solar ingress charts, as said earlier there are mainly 4 ingress charts as stated above. Apart from these, we can also predict events for each month based on Sun’s ingress in every 12 signs.

Apart from the Solar ingress, we also in Mundane astrology use the New Moon charts (i.e: when Sun and Moon are conjunct) which occurs every month between one Solar ingress to another. This throws out events from one New Moon to the next New Moon.

Apart from the New Moon charts, we also use charts of Eclipses (Like Solar or Lunar) which occur in between the two ingress charts. This gives also throws out several events.

Apart from the above, we use the chart known as Ardra Pravesh chart (When Sun enters the Ardra nakshatra) which occurs every year around June 21/22/23. This chart is used for predicting rainfall. This chart will not be discussed in this article.

Apart from the above the basic chart that is used for comparing the above charts is the India Independence chart. Though we have the Republic Day chart and Capricorn rising chart (as propounded by our Rishis). But my experience has proved that India Independence chart is good enough for predicting events.

The following is the India Independence chart.

The Aries Solar Ingress chart is as follows;

The Lagna rising is Libra, which corresponds to the 6th house of the India Independence chart (where the Lagna is Taurus). The 6th house signifies diseases, epedemics, etc. The lord of Libra, Venus is in its own house, but it is gone to the 8th house. It is in papa kartari yoga between Sun and Rahu. The Lagna has Gulika which is very close to the Lagna degree.

The 4th house, which denotes Natural calamities in mundance astrology has four exterior planets namely Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto. We actually don’t consider Pluto in Vedic astrology, but one cannot ignore the role of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The planets Jupiter and Saturn are in Nigala drekkana which is the most malefic among all the derkkanas. These planets are in Capricorn an earthy sign, which can give Earthquakes or any other type of natural calamities. This happens in the 9th house of India chart. The 9th house is the Badhaka sthana for the fixed Lagna. The 9th house also signifies religion, communalism, judiciary, places of worship, etc. So, people will see everything happening around with the color of religion. In this same sign, the Jupiter which is the Life force (Jeeva Karaka) is very close to Pluto, signifying that the Corona virus cases will only increase day by day. The 10th lord of Governance, Moon is in the 3rd house along with Ketu. This signifies that the Government will be out of gear and their decisions will be taken without any thinking and logic (Ketu). The lord of the 2nd and the 7th house is Mars and it is in the Mrityu Bhaga (MB). The 2nd house signifies the financial health of the country. Since it is afflicted the indices such as GDP, Fiscal deficit, stock markets, etc will see major volatility and will be witnessing downward trend. The 7th house of the in the mundane astrology signifies the relationship with other foreign countries. We can witness our relationship not doing well. The 9th lord (which signifies religion, communalism, judiciary,etc) Mercury is debilitated in D1 and D3, but in the own house in the D9, due to which Mercury has lost its strength by 50%. Mercury in D1 chart is aspected by Saturn (which is with Mars) and is in exact “T” square with the nodes. Thus we can expect as said earlier the communal and religion disturbances. The Mercury is the planet of communication like transportation of all kinds, post office courier, etc. Hence, the transportation industry will get badly afffected.

Now, let us see what is in store for us in the New Moon chart of April, 2020

The Lagna rising is Taurus, the same as the India chart. It shows that what was experienced during the Independence, we will experience all those type events. It will be as if we will reinvent and could also mean a new beginning with several challenges. In the above chart, the 8th house Ketu a malefic and its lord Jupiter is afflicted in the 9th house along with Pluto. So, we will not see any improvement in the current situation of spreading of Virus. We can see it increasing. The new moon is occurring in the 12th house signifying heavy outflow of money and resources to the Government. The Saturn/Mars/Jupiter/Pluto are all in giving kendra effect to the New Moon. The Rahu is in the same degree as New Moon degree. The lord of the 5th (signifying Stock exchanges and all types of speculative markets) Mercury is in debilitation in Pisces and it is aspected by Saturn (which is along with Mars. Mercury also is the lord of 2nd house signifying wealth and all sorts of financial indices like GDP, Fiscal deficit, etc. We can see these indices spiralling downwards. The 2nd house also has Rahu along with Gulika.

Next, let us see what is in store for in the New Moon chart of May 2020.

The Lagna rising is Capricorn. The new moon is in the 5th house and the Lagna is the 9th house of the India chart. So, the 5th house is aspected by Mars. We will experience high volatility in stock markets. The Capricorn Lagna is in papa kartari yoga because of Ketu and Mars on each adjacent signs. This shows that there will still be challenges that people will have to go through. The 6th house of diseases has Rahu and the 12th house has Ketu. So, there will not be respite from the current sitiation.

Now, let us see the New Moon chart of June 2020. Since the New Moon chart and the Solar eclipse occurs on the same day and are similar in D1 and D9 both, we will take the Solar eclipse chart for analysis.

The Lagna rising is Virgo, which corresponds to the 5th house of India chart. The eclipse is occurring in the 10th house signifying Government. It is aspected by 3 and the 8th house lord Mars. This signifies, there will be further challenges which the Government will have to face. There can be changes in the Portfolios of Ministers. Some senior member of the Government or senior leader of repute might pass away during this period. The Lagna is also aspected by the 8th lord Mars showing some more hardships to the people. The current situation will still be precarious. The Solar eclipse is occurring in the 2nd house of the India chart signifying that the India economy will not be doing well. The economic indices will see a downward trend. In this month the planet Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto all will be retrograde in the 5th house signifying volatility in stock exchanges. The Lagna degree at 3 degrees 20 minutes in Virgo is “T” square to Rahu/Ketu and in opposition with Mars in the close degrees. The current virus situation will not improve.

We will in the next article see from the Cancer Solar ingress and the three New Moon charts occurring thereafter.

Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai

Date: 2nd April, 2020  

Time: 12.00 Noon, Mumbai, India

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    Thanks! Quite a detailed analysis. Unfortunately all charts indicating strife and problems. Hope Cancer Ingress chart has some good news.

    Madhu tapuriah
    Thanks for such a detailed analysis . hope govt also takes benefits of our ancient astrological science.

    Very exhaustive. Needs significant attention span and an acute interest to seek. Jupiter Sundar must be rishi incarnate. I have saved this for reading in a tranquil environment

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