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The new year is when the new moon occurs in Pisces for a particular country. Subsequently, we study the Sun’s entry into various signs beginning from Aries and also new moon charts for each month and also the eclipse charts for various months. These charts are then linked to India Independence day chart, Republic day chart. I am not going to write about the planetary positions of planets in the New year chart as compared to our Independence chart. I am just going to write about main events (General trends) which are possible based on the New year chart and the results of 12 Sun’s ingress charts. The General trends are highlighted in the article.

The new year chart for 2020 is as follows; March 24, 2020 at 14.58.55 for Delhi.

There are 60 year cycles which gets repeated in a particular sequence. For example based on last year 2019 Shukla Pratipada chart, the year was “Vikari” samvatsar. The general effects of the previous year will be as follows;

“All citizens will be affected by various diseases and afflicted by torrential rains. Grains production in the East and fruits and vegetables will be less. Fruits grown out of trees will be available in plenty”

This new year the name of the samvatsar is “Sharvari”. The effect of this will be as follows;

“Grains and rain will be in plenty, people will be happy and there will be fights amongst the leaders”.

Now, let us go to the specifics of the new year chart. In any Samvatsar (New year chart) there Anga (Parts), and Fruits (Phal) of the year. The nakshatras Kritikka and Rohini are the Body (Deha) of the Samvatsar. The nakshatras Purvashada and Uttarashada are the Navel (Nabhi). The nakshatras Ashlesha and Magha are the Heart (Hruday) and Flower (Pushp), respectively. When any natural malefic planets in the new year chart are found in the above parts, then specific results are seen.

In the 2020 New Year chart, there are no planets in Kritikka and Rohini. In the Purvashada there are no planets. In the Uttarashada there are four planets namely, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto (this is not taken in vedic astrology, but let us consider as it is one of the dire malefic planet). It is said that when there are natural malefic planets in the Navel (Nabhi), then, there will be danger from hunger, famine, etc. (Now, just link this to the 21 day “Lockdown” announced yesterday from 24th March, 2020 midnight. Does this not indicate that people will be put to inconvenience due to non-availability of essential commodities? It is for you people to experience this. I leave it to you all. There are no planets in the nakshatras of Ashlesha and Magha.

The next indicator is the weekday of the new year, which is known as KING of the year. The KING controls the full year. Hence the effect of it will be very prominent during the year. The weekday is Tuesday, ruled by Mars. It is said that, when the weekday rising is Mars, then the following results are seen;

“There will be fear from fire, deaths of people, fear from thieves, diseases, detachment, pain among the kings (leaders) and citizens, all sorts of difficulties, unhappiness, and less rains”

Now, the next is the Mantri (Minister) of the year. This is the lord of weekday of the Mesh Sankrant (Sun’s entry into Aries). This will happen on April 13, 2020 at 20:22:57 for Delhi. The weekday is Monday ruled by Moon. When the weekday is Moon, then following results are seen.

“Plenty of rains, plenty of grains, people will be happy and there will increase of happiness on other accounts also”. I can read your mind now. You must be thinking how the results of King of the year and Minister of the year are contradicting each other. Am, I right? Yes. The answer for this is, since the King of the year is the ruler, its results will be felt in maximum and this will drive the results of the whole year. The effect of the Minister of the year will also be felt, but the results of King of the year will over power the Minister of the year. I hope you got it right.

Now the next is the Food Grains (Sashyesh) of the year. This is the lord of weekday of the Karka Sankrant (Sun’s entry into Cancer). This will happen on July 16, 2020 at 10:47 for Delhi. The weekday is Thursday ruled by Jupiter. When the weekday is Jupiter, then following results are seen.

“The religious path will be propagated due to which there will be happiness, plenty of rains, grains, juices, and milk production will be in plenty”. Again, the same principle as said earlier needs to be adopted when there is contradiction between the King of the year and the rest.

The next is again the Food grains (Dhanyesh) of the year. The difference between the Sasyesh and Dhanyesh, is the Grains produced during summer season (like Barley, wheat, etc) will fall under the group of Sasyesh and Dhanyesh will be the grains like Moonga, Bajri, etc. This is the lord of weekday of the Dhanu Sankrant (Sun’s entry into Sagittarius). This will happen on December 15, 2020 at 21.32.09 for Delhi. The weekday is Tuesday ruled by Mars. When the weekday is Mars, then following results are seen.

“The Summer grains will become costlier. The rice, Ghee and Oils will be costlier”

The next is the Rainfall (Megh Varshesh) year.This is the lord of weekday of the Ardra Pravesh chart (Sun’s entry into the nakshatra of Ardra in Gemini). This will happen on June 21, 2020 at 23.27.41 for Delhi. The weekday is Sunday ruled by Sun. When the weekday is Sun, then following results are seen.

“The production of Barley, Chana, Rice, etc will be in plenty and there will be happiness around”

The next is the Juices (Rasesh) year.This is the lord of weekday of the Thula Sankrant (Sun’s entry into Libra). This will happen on October 17, 2020 at 07.05.27 for Delhi. The weekday is Saturday ruled by Saturn. When the weekday is Saturn, then following results are seen.

“The juices will be destroyed, instead of water coming out of the clouds, there will be diseases all over. The goat, cow, elephant, horses and camel will be destroyed and there will be dullness/monotony among the people”

It is said the when Jupiter in the year ingresses (enters) into 3 signs then, the houses of the Soldiers will be destroyed, and the earth will be full of dead bodies. This result we are experiencing today. The planet Jupiter entered the Sign Sagittarius on March 30, 2019 (after the beginning of last New year), then on April 23, 2019 Jupiter entered Scorpio, then on November 5, 2019 it again entered Sagittarius. Thus it touched 3 signs within one year, that Scorpio-Sagittarius-Scorpio-Sagittarius. The effect of Coronavirus is witnessed by us all over the globe.

Now let us see the transit of Jupiter from the beginning of March 24, 2020 (i:e. the New Year of 2020). Jupiter enters the Sign Capricorn on March 30, 2020. On June 30, 2020 Jupiter again comes back to Sagittarius. On November 21, 2020 it again enters Capricorn. So, during the year the transit is from Sagittarius-Capricorn-Sagittarius-Capricorn. So, the effect of Coronavirus and other contagious diseases will rise in the current year also.

Added, to the above there is also Solar eclipse (which will be visible in India) on June 21, 2020. I will write separately on this topic at a later date.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Professor of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai
Date: 25th March, 2020
Time: 3.15 PM, Mumbai, India

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    Govind Shah
    Interesting facts about Jupiter ingress to 3 signs . Sir would appreciate if you elaborate such mention regards to mundane . Kindly for academic purpose . Thanks you !

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