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We all have been watching various news channels and seeing how the image of NDA government has got dented because of connections of famous fugitive Lalit Modi with Sushma Swaraj and Vasundara Raje & family. I had not written article on the oath taking of Vasundhara Raje. But after watching all the stories that are coming over, I thought it will be right time to write article on the oath chart and Rajasthan State chart. Now, I will begin with the oath chart of Vasundhara Raje.

We all know that Vasundhara Raje took oath as Chief Minister on December 13, 2013 at Jaipur at 13.10 pm (approximately). The following is the chart.


In the above chart the rising ascendant is Aries and its lord Mars is in the 6th house of fights and disputes. However, the lagna remains strong due to its own lord Mars aspecting it. Mars aspect is of no use as its dispositor Mercury is in the 8th house (scams, scandals, surprises, etc) and Mars’s constellation lord Sun also goes to the 8th house. The rising sign has Moon, which is afflicted by being in Rahu/ketu axis and aspect of Saturn and Mars. So Moon is under heavy affliction. Here Moon is lord of 4th house (throne). In the D9 chart also though Moon is in its own house it is in Rahu/Ketu axis and also Saturn from 12th house aspects it. In any horoscope Lagna, Lagna lord and Moon should be free from afflictions. Moon is in the  “Visha Gati” degrees. Jupiter (lord of 9th house of fortune) is in Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS).

In any oath taking chart the placement of planets in Simhasan Chakra is important.

Simhasan Chakra

Ashwapathi Narapati Gajapati
Patta Kritthika Punarvasu U. Phalguni Vishaka U. Ashada P. Bhadrapada
Aasan Bharani Pushya P. Phalguni Anuradha P. Ashada U. Bhadrapada
Aadhaar Ashwini Ashlesha Magha Jyeshta Moola Revati


Moon is the planet in the above chakra which should be located in highest chakra. If it is in Simha it is best and lowest is very bad. Moon being in Ashiwini constellation is in “Aadhar” patta will not give power to the person. Here the rising degree is also in Ashwini. What a bad oath taking chart to choose and no wonder she is facing so many problems now. Now why now after a period of so many months? Let us look at compressed vimshottari dasa. The current dasa is of Moon. Moon period began in January 2015 and ends in June 2015. Thereafter it is the period of Mars which also is afflicted being in the 6th house and further its dispositor Mercury and its constellation lord both are placed in 8th house. If you look at transits, then Saturn is in the 8th house which is “Ashtam Shani”. In transit the ascendant lord Mars is afflicted by being close to Sun as on date of writing this article. However, when the news broke in media on 15th June, 2015 Mars was in Taurus afflicted by Saturn and Rahu from 8th and 6th houses respectively. Once the dasa of Mars starts and in transit after July 31, 2015 when Mars will go to Cancer, she is going to be in serious trouble. Mars in Cancer is supposed to be debilitated. In the D30 chart (Varanasi trimsamsa) which clearly shows that the act of her down fall will be due to her own fault. You will see that in D1 chart Moon in 1st house and in D30 it goes to 6th house.

Now let us take the chart of Rajasthan which is given below.


The rising sign is cancer and it is in 3rd house along with Jupiter and Venus. It is also aspected by Mars from the 8th house. The dasa and transit will tell all about the current state. The current dasa is Saturn/Rahu/Venus. In the natal chart Saturn is the 7th and 8th lord in the 5th house along with debilitated Rahu. Rahu as stated is in the 5th house and debilitated. The PAD lord Venus is in the 3rd house and debilitated. It is along with Jupiter (lord of 6th house of disputes), Moon (the lagna lord) and all these are aspected by Mars lord of 5 & 10 from the 8th house (scams, scandals, etc). In the D10 chart Saturn is in the 2nd house along with Mars. Saturn is lord of 6th and 7th and Mars is lord of 4th house (throne). Rahu is in the lagna and Venus is in the 12th house. Venus is the lord of 10th house. The dispositor of Venus is Moon which is in debilitated in the 4th house of throne.

Now, let us see the transits as on today. I have given below the D10 chart below.


The lagna rising is Leo and the lagna lord is in the 8th house aspected by two malefics Mars and Saturn. Let us now compare the transit chart in D1 and D10 both. The transit charts of today are as follows;







Saturn in transit is in Scorpio is nearly conjunct natal Saturn and retrograde. The transit Jupiter in Cancer is also aspecting natal Saturn and Rahu in the 5th house. Saturn is the 8th lord (which stands for scandals and scams) is activated. The natal 10th lord Mars is transiting in the 12th house along with Sun and is combust being close to Sun. The 4th lord Venus in D1 is in lagna but aspected by Saturn (will aspect from previous house being retrograde) and Ketu also. So Venus is weak. The 4th house is throne. So the 10th and 4th lord both are afflicted in transit and 8th lord in activation.

Now let us look at “Subtle transit” through D9 and D10. For scams and changes it is the 8th lord and for changes the 12th lord of natal charts. These will get activated in the divisional charts aspecting the lagna, 4th house (throne) and 10th house (government). This theory works wonderfully. The 8th lord of natal chart Saturn is transiting as follows;

  • In D1 it is in Scorpio
  • In D9 it is Leo
  • In D10 it is in Leo

Now superimpose the above in natal D9 and D10. The Saturn in D9 in Leo afflicts the Moon in D9, which is 8th lord. It afflicts the 10th house of D9 from its previous house Cancer. In D9 again the Saturn from Cancer is aspecting the D9 natal Jupiter. Here Jupiter is also lord of 4th house.

In D10, the Saturn is in Leo. From Leo it is aspecting the 10th house in D10 which has 8th lord of D10 Jupiter. The Saturn since it is retrograde is also afflicting the 10th lord of D10 in Cancer.

Now the 12th lord of D1 is Mars and it is transiting in D9 and D10 as follows;

  • In D1 it is in Gemini
  • In D9 it is in Libra
  • IN D10 it is in Gemini

Now like we did in D9, let us superimpose in D10 natal. In D9 the transit Mars in Libra is aspecting the natal 12th lord Mars. It is also aspecting the natal D9 lagna lord Jupiter.

In D10 where Mars is in Gemini, it is aspecting natal 4th lord Mars in Virgo and also Saturn (the 6th lord of disputes and fights) in Virgo.

In the above case, we looked at the 8th and 12th lord of D1 and applied its transit positions in D9 and D10 to natal D9 and D10. Similarly, the D9 and D10 of the natal lord transit can also be applied to D1. Come let us see how we can apply.

The 8th and 12th Lord of D9 and D10 are as follows;

  • 8th lord of D9 is Moon (it is transiting in Cancer, the natal lagna)
  • 8th lord of D10 is Jupiter (it is transiting in Cancer, the natal lagna)
  • 12th lord of D9 is Mars (it is transiting in Gemini)
  • 12th lord of D10 is Moon (it is transiting in Cancer, the natal lagna)

So from the above it can be seen that 8th lord Moon of D9 is afflicting the natal D1 lagna. The 12th lord Mars of D9 is in Gemini and it aspects the natal lagna lord Moon in D1. It is also aspecting the 4th lord Venus in D1.

In D10, the 8th lord Jupiter transiting in Cancer afflicts the D1 lagna. Similarly, the 12th lord of D10 which is Moon is also transiting Cancer afflicting D1 lagna.


From the above it can be seen that both the oath taking chart and the Rajasthan state is afflicted. It is clear that Vasundara Raje will have to step down or she will be asked to step down shortly. Further, after her stepping down it is also possible that the State unit will also breakup.


Sundar Balakrishnan

B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)

2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad

(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)

Date: 19th June, 2015  

Time: 4.00 PM, Mumbai


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    A.R.A GIRI

    Kamal Mehrotra
    I am just an observer. So for me it is interesting reading. Waiting for the events to take place.

    Y K Singhal
    what a systematic & scientific analysis kudos to SUNDER BALAKRISHNAN. plz keep on enlighting us of good astro analysis.

    It did not happen this way.... nothing impacted either govt or to CM

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