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1. The analysis is based on dasa and transit as on April 7, 2019 as this was the date of first phase in 2014.

2. The chart of BJP is weak as also that of Modi. The chart of Nitin Gadkari is stronger than Modi. Based on this, BJP on its own will not have majority to form the Government. In case of change of leadership within BJP, then Nitin Gadkari stands a better chance.

3. The Congress Party’s chart is also of the same grade as BJP. However, the chart of Rahul Gandhi is slightly better than Modi.

4. The chart of SP and BSP is much better as compared to BJP and Congress. Out of SP and BSP, SP is a notch better than BSP. Individually, Mayawati chart is also looking good.

5. The chart of TMC though better, the chart of Mamata is slightly weak.

6. Based on this, I would conclude as follows;

a. BJP will not be able get clear majority and face a tough fight from Opposition parties. It will be able to form Government with the help of more allies (much more than in 2014). In fact, BJP will require allies than the Opposition.

b. Congress will do better and give a tough fight to BJP and will be the second party in position.

c. SP and BSP will make a huge difference in UP

d. TMC and Mamata will face few losses in West Bengal.

e. Overall, my guestimate is;
i. BJP alone will be approximately between 180 to 200 seats
ii. Congress will be approximately between 120 to 150 seats
iii. The next in Line will be SP, followed by BSP and TMC

Lok Sabha elections 2019 is just round the corner. Last elections were from April 7, 2014. It were in multiple phases. This year too we can have the similar patterns of dates. All the analysis below will be based on the date of April 7, 2019. In analysing the charts we will first take the charts of respective political parties wherever available. Immediately after the analysis of Political party chart, the charts of individual leaders who are prominent will also be discussed.

Now let us take BJP charts and its leaders.

The dasa is of Moon which began from April 18, 2018. Within Moon it is the antara of Mars from February 16, 2019. Moon is already debilitated in the chart. Moon dasa when it is debilitated gives downfall (Unlike in the case of Modi which is explained later). I know it is attaining neechabanga. But I have seen out of my experience neechabanga is also gives initial downfall especially in the above chart. The antara of Mars which creates neechabanga is heavily afflicted being close to Rahu and is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is retrograde. When natural benefic is retrograde it loses some of its potency and does not work in full force. It is conjunct Saturn also but its orb is very wide. Moreover, transit Mars is in 12th house from natal lagna and it is in the sign of detriment. Further, the Asc is also afflicted by the transit Rahu and very close degreecally. Asc is also aspected by transit Saturn again close degreecally in opposition. The prati-antar dasa Jupiter is in rashi sandhi in visha-ghati conjunct Saturn and Ketu and aspected by Mars from the 12th house. Overall not a good period for the party.
Now let us look at Narendra Modi’s chart. I am taking the birth time as 9.35 am for him. I was hitherto taking his birth time as 12.09 pm. But there has been controversy regarding his birth time and this time I am taking 9.35 am.

The dasa of Moon/Mercury/Venus. The dasa is of Moon which began on February 12, 2013. Moon is debilitated and along with Mars. Infact, the same dasa of Moon and Mars is there for BJP as stated above. Modi had Moon dasa and Mars antara when he won with thumping majority during 2014. Moreover, during 2014 transit on counting date on May 16, 2014, the Lagna lord Venus was exalted and it was aspecting the transit antara lord Mars retrograde in 12th house in Virgo. The only major difference between Modi’s chart and BJP’s is that Mars in BJP’s chart is retrograde and afflicted thereby reduces the effect of neechabanga. In the case of Modi, Mars is in conjunction with Moon. The strength of the planet creating bhanga is very important. In BJP’s chart Mars is retro and afflicted as stated above. Now in the case of Modi, the antara is of Mercury which is retrograde and in the 12th house conjunct Ketu and combust being close to Sun. There is no benefic aspect on Mercury. The antara lord Mercury is also afflicted by transit Saturn. During the period when election will be going on, Mercury will be in its debilitation. The prati-antara lord is Venus in the 11th house along with Saturn. The orb between Venus and Saturn is too wide. Venus is also aspected by transit Venus and Mercury. In the mid of April 2019 around Venus though in transit will be exalted, it will also be in its fall in D9. So the election is a mixed period of rise and fall. Overall we can conclude that it will be not the period like he had during the elections of 2014 beginning from April 7, 2014. In the dasa of Moon/Mercury/Venus, the prati-anatara lord Venus is strong as compared to dasa and antara. Individual chart is better than Party’s chart at the prati-antara level.

Now, we will take up the chart of Nitin Gadkari, who is supposed to be the trump card as is circulated in the media. His chart is taken from the Astrosage website. Though it does not certify its authenticity, the time of birth gives several insights and also gives the planetary reasoning of his win in 2014 elections. So, for the present I would like to go with the below chart.

The dasa is of Jupiter/Venus/Rahu from January 6, 2019 to June 1, 2019. Jupiter is lord of 2 and 5 from Lagna in the 10th house of status. It is lord of 9 and 12 in the 5th house from Moon. Jupiter is D9 is in Sagittarius and thereby gaining strength. The antara lord Venus is Taurus in its own house. In D9, Venus is in 11th house in Leo. On April 7, 2019 Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the beginning degree and afflicted by Mars and conjunct Saturn and Ketu. The orbs are very wide. Compared to Modi’s chart, Gadkari’s chart is comparatively better.

The next chart that we will take up is the chart of Indian National Congress. The chart is given below.

The dasa is of Jupiter/Venus/Mercury. Jupiter is in Gemini and aspecting the 10th house. From Moon, Jupiter is in 10th house and aspecting the 4th house of the throne. In transit, Jupiter is in Sagittarius and conjunct Saturn and Ketu and aspected by Mars. These aspects are very wide. The antara lord Venus is in the 10th house being lord of 3 and 8. From the Moon, Venus is lord of 2 and 9 in the 4th house of throne. Venus is combust and aspected by Jupiter. Venus is also T square to Rahu/Ketu. So Venus is of mixed nature. The prati-antara lord Mercury is in the 9th house, the highest trinal house. In D9, it is debilitated and aspected by Jupiter and Sun. Jupiter’s aspect creates and neechabanga but not effective as it is aspected by Saturn and conjunct Mars. So, the party’s chart is not all that strong and I would conclude it is almost same as BJP’s chart.

Next, we will take Rahul Gandhi’s chart. The chart is given below.

Rahul is currently going through Mars/Moon/Sun period till 13th April 2019. Thereafter, he will have Rahu dasa. Rahu is in sign Aquarius, which is supposed to be its own house. It is also aspected by retrograde Jupiter from the Asc, though the aspect is very wide. Jupiter’s aspect will require great amount of fight and he will enter into lot of struggles and disputes. The aspect of Jupiter being retrograde is slightly bad. However, the presence of Rahu in 5th house of fame and recognition is good. In transit, Venus will go over natal Rahu and transit Rahu will be in Gemini in trine to natal rahu. Saturn in addition will also aspect natal Rahu in Aquarius, which is Saturn’s own house. Even in transit D9, Rahu will be in Gemini being in Vargottama. If one compares, the horoscope of Rahul Gandhi and Modi, we can say that Rahul’s chart is much better than Modi. Except that the aspect of lord of 6th house Jupiter on Rahu.

Next, we will take the chart of All India Trinamool Congress. The chart is given below.

The dasa is of Rahu/Venus/Venus from January 25, 2019 to July 27, 2019. Rahu is in the 6th house in the upachaya sthana. Rahu represents Sun, which is in the 10th house gaining directional strength. Rahu is in the star of Venus in the 11th house. The antara dasa Venus is in the 11th house and retrograde. It is with exalted Mars degreecally far. The antara lord Venus will be exalted in transit for major portion of election period of April/May 2019. So, overall it is a good period.

Now let us analyse Mamata Banerjee chart.

The dasa going on is Saturn/Venus/Ketu from March 14, 2019 to May 20, 2019. Saturn is exalted in the chart. In transit, Saturn is afflicted by being close to Ketu and aspected by Mars. The antara lord Venus in in the 12th house lord of 6 and 11. It is in the 7th house from Moon. It aspects the Moon sign and hence strong. Venus is in papa-kartari yoga in Scorpio. Venus is aspected by retrograde exalted Jupiter, the lagna lord. The prati-antara lord Ketu is in Gemini and its dispositor Mercury is in Lagna and afflicted. In transit, both Venus and Ketu will be in Pisces and Sagittarius, respectively. Both will be strong transit wise. However, its affliction in natal chart weakens the chart by half. So, though TMC chart is strong, the chart of Mamata Banerjee is slightly weak, almost same as BJP/Modi.

Next, we will study the chart of Bahujan Samaj Party. The chart is given below.

The dasa is of Rahu/Mars/Venus. Rahu is in the 11th house and is exalted in Taurus. In transit Rahu will be in Gemini a comfortable sign for Rahu though it will be in 2/12 position. Natal Rahu will be conjunct transit Mars and also be aspected by Jupiter from Scorpio in the period of April/May 2019. From Moon, Rahu is in the 9th house and transit Rahu will be in the 10th from Moon. So Rahu is actually good both in natal and transit. Except the conjunction of transit Mars. Natal Mars is in the 5th house and retrograde, in its own house in Scorpio. Venus, the prati-antara lord will also during the election time will be exalted. So overall the period is very good for the party.

Now, the chart of Mayawati is given below. The time of birth is not certain.

The dasa is of Mercury/Venus/Mercury from January 24, 2019 to June 19, 2019. Mercury is in the 7th house along with lagna lord Moon. Mercury is own house in D9. In D10 it is in Pisces but along with exalted Venus and aspecting the 10th house Virgo. So Mercury is strong. The antara lord Venus is in the 8th house. From the dasa lord Mercury, Venus is in 2nd house being lord of 10th house. Venus is exalted in D10. Her chart is certainly promising gains for her and she will do well. She has tied with Samajwadi Party, Akilesh Yadav.

Now, let us see the chart of Samajwadi Party. The chart of Akilesh Yadav is not there as of now, but will certainly add supplementary later as and when I get his details.

The dasa is of Rahu/Rahu/Saturn from February 25, 2019 to July 31, 2019. Rahu is in Lagna which represents Jupiter in 10th house of status along with the 9th lord Sun. It is an excellent combination for the party as a whole. The prati-antara lord Saturn (which is retrograde) is in its own house in the 2nd house from Lagna/Moon. It is aspected by Jupiter, though degerically far. If we compare, between BSP and SP charts, I would give more points to SP.

Sundar Balakrishnan
B.Com., MFM Finance (NMIMS)
2 Year Jyotirvid and 3 Year Jyotirvisharad
(From Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Mumbai)
Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
Date: 23rd January, 2019
Time: 11.30 PM, Mumbai

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    Santosh kanichai
    Sir, please look into the the charts of leaders from Telengana and Orissa too. I am sure a more clearer picture will be emerged.

    Sir how about AAP and Arvind Kejriwals chart. Can the AAP movement move forward?

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    Sir what will be the future of AAP. can the movement go forward ?

    Will India go to war with Pak ? If so, what scale and what result ? Will it halt pak sponsored terror ? What future for J & K ?

    Sir - Unless the accurate charts are available for parties and leaders, it will be very difficult to predict astrologically (there is a lot of different information on charts of Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi). the real outcome of elections. Though I have not predicted anything being a astrologer, as of now I have seen 99 % of astrologers have predicted return of Modi with full majority. Other 1 % predicted coalition government headed by Modi. Even your prediction says BJP to form a coalition govt. I have read that Nostradamus had predicted Modi's rule for 12 years (???). Regardless of predictions, Many astrologers, based upon existing information on date of birth of Narendra Modi, were baffled to note that at the peak SADE SATHI in Modi's horoscope, he has tasted peak success by getting full majority govt. in 2014 for 5 years. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn - major planets, are certainly better for Modi now as compared to 2014 based upon his existing horoscope (??) It will be interesting to note the outcome now. As almost 100% predictions are confirming BJP return to power, it will be a REAL LITMUS TEST for astrologers, if anything otherwise happens.

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