Sridevi Kapoor – the astrological analysis behind her death

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Conclusion: Conclusion: Based on the analysis below, the aspect of transit Mars (from Scorpio – signifying mystery, suicide or murder) on the jeeva karaka (Venus) and atma karaka (Sun) shows some mystery behind her death and the mystery behind her death will get opened up in future. For detailed astrological analysis on other aspects read […]

Donald Trump V/s Barack Obama – The nature revealed through Astro-Carto-Graphy (ACG)

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Conclusion: From the analysis given below, it is clear that Donald Trump will not stage a full-fledged war with Pakistan (Though he may announce various sanctions). However, he will stage a full-fledged war (like Iran and Syria in the past) with North Korea. Analysis Astro Carto Graphy (ACG) is a technique applied to find out […]

Republic TV – How will it perform based on Muhurat chart.

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β€œThe whole world must know”……We all have been witnessing the development in media industry. Media is cursed by some and praised by some. There have been several takeovers and mergers in the past in the media industry. Out of many channels, Times Now has been in the limelight for various reasons and also because of […]