Rahu (North node) returning to Taurus for India – Sidereal analysis (Part 2)

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In the previous article following conclusions were drawn based on past Rahu’s transits in Taurus since Independence date of 1947 (http://jupiterastrology.com/c8-mundane/rahu-north-node-returning-to-taurus-for-india-sidereal-analysis/). I wanted to include this article in the last article. But I decided not to do so, as it will be too lengthy and the essence of the Rahu’s entry into Taurus will be […]

Rahu (North node) returning to Taurus for India – Sidereal analysis

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Conclusion For the period between entry of Rahu to Taurus on September 24, 2020 and exit of Rahu from Taurus on April 12, 2022, we can expect following types of events; Death/Assassination of Political leaders War Major accidents leading to mass deaths Communal riots resulting into mass deaths Analysis I have proved that Astrology is […]

Saturn & Pluto conjunction – Its relevance to India (Sidereal analysis)

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Conclusion The events such as death/assassination of Political leaders, communal riots, corruption in judiciary, war, tension with bordering countries, changes in the higher education system, frequent changes in the ministry, etc can be witnessed during this period December 31, 2020 to January 18, 2023. The events happening during (near about days when Pluto will enter […]

Mars & Neptune conjunction – Death of Political leaders – Sidereal analysis

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Conclusion The previous periods from year 2001 to 2019 whenever, Mars and Neptune have been together (in the signs of Capricorn or Aquarius) for a longer period (i.e: the full period of Mar’s stay in a sign, which is on an average 45 days), there have been death/assassination of Political leaders. Out the above years […]

Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 & a statistical analysis of past Solar eclipse occurred in the Sign Gemini & important events of the past during the period of eclipse – Sidereal (Niryana) analysis

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Conclusion: The conclusion is written at the end of the article along with the analysis of the June 21, 2020 Solar eclipse chart. Analysis: We are all going to witness Annular Solar Eclipse on June 21, 2020, which will be visible in India. There are several theories on effect of Solar and Lunar eclipse. As […]