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Saturn in Capricorn sign and its effects on India – A statistical analysis by Niryana (Sidereal) method.

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Conclusion From the events those occurred during the past years, we can summarise the following type of events to occur during the period of stay of Saturn in Capricorn from January 25, 2020 and it will stay there till April 29, 2022. Mass scale deaths Natural calamities like earthquake, floods, etc Assassination leaders Death of […]

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction – Its effect in various zodiacal signs – A Sidereal Research

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Background: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, these are known as exterior or external planets. In mundane astrology these planets give out several events across the universe based on its conjunctions in various zodiacal signs. Whenever, all these planets or majority of these planets jointly transit in a particular sign, it always gives major […]

Venus and its relation with Coronavirus – History repeats itself

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Conclusion: With the analysis given below, we can safely project astrologically that Coronavirus will be eliminated only from August 1st week of 2020. This is purely based on transit of Venus in the sign Taurus in 2012 (as explained below and its correlation to occurance of Coronavirus mainly in the Middle East in the year […]

Tropical analysis of USA – On the basis of Aries Ingress, and June 21st Solar eclipse.

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Conclusion The Govt will face heavy challenges in dealing with the situation. There will be lot of layoff, retrenchment, etc The USA will take a lead in developing cure for COVID The economy of the country will take a major hit, resulting in massive reduction in various indices like GDP, etc. Some new leader from […]

Beginning of Muslim Era, past uprisings and future.

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Conclusion: The planet Pluto is exactly going over the cusp of the Ascendant of the Muslim Era natal chart. It will be going back and forth near the Ascendant at least till the next year June 2021. During this time there are certainly going to be some disturbances in the following countries due to Uprising, […]

Effects on India – On the basis of Aries Ingress, New Moon charts and June 21st Solar eclipse – Analysis upto July 2020.

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Conclusion The current situation will not improve till June 2020 The Economy will take a hard beating and the financial indices will see a downward trend. Stock exchanges will see massive volatility Expect changes in the Portfolios of Ministers Some senior member of the Government or some Senior Leader will expire Some natural calamities in […]

Mars’s behaviour in 2020

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Mars stays in a sign for an average of 45 days (I have uploaded the video on this topic in my twitter https://twitter.com/jupiter_astro/status/1244673504487723008. But in some years it stays in a sign for nearly six months. Sometime it also stays in two adjacent signs for six months. Mars is planet of strife, accidents, deaths, military, […]

Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart for 2020.

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The new year is when the new moon occurs in Pisces for a particular country. Subsequently, we study the Sun’s entry into various signs beginning from Aries and also new moon charts for each month and also the eclipse charts for various months. These charts are then linked to India Independence day chart, Republic day […]

Sadhguru – Jaggi Vasudev

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This is the Chart of Jaggi Vasudev. He was born on September 3, 1957 at 23.30 at Mysore. Main aspects of the chart are as follows; 1. There is mutual aspect between Saturn (in the 7th house) and Mars (in the 4th house). Both Saturn and Mars are in Mrityu Bhaga. Saturn is both badhaka […]

Makar Sankrant Chart for the year 2020

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Conclusion: 1. This shows that the Government will face more hurdles in handling its Governance matters. There will be several changes in the key portfolios of Government.There will be more protests seen on streets across India. The people in general will be unsatisfied. The Stock markets will see a massive correction. There will be some […]