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Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart for 2020.

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The new year is when the new moon occurs in Pisces for a particular country. Subsequently, we study the Sun’s entry into various signs beginning from Aries and also new moon charts for each month and also the eclipse charts for various months. These charts are then linked to India Independence day chart, Republic day […]

Sadhguru – Jaggi Vasudev

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This is the Chart of Jaggi Vasudev. He was born on September 3, 1957 at 23.30 at Mysore. Main aspects of the chart are as follows; 1. There is mutual aspect between Saturn (in the 7th house) and Mars (in the 4th house). Both Saturn and Mars are in Mrityu Bhaga. Saturn is both badhaka […]

Makar Sankrant Chart for the year 2020

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Conclusion: 1. This shows that the Government will face more hurdles in handling its Governance matters. There will be several changes in the key portfolios of Government.There will be more protests seen on streets across India. The people in general will be unsatisfied. The Stock markets will see a massive correction. There will be some […]

Arvind Kejriwal – Will he be able to retain his only Delhi ?

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Conclusion: Based on the above, AAP will be able to retain its position on its own, However, it will not be able to get the same majority as before. There will be some loss of seats. Analysis: Delhi elections are slated to be conducted in January/February 2020. The results will be declared in the month […]

Raghubar Das – Jharkhand CM – Vedic astro-analysis of his birth chart

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Conclusion The Jharkhand State election results will be declared on December 23, 2019. There are 81 seats in total. In the year 2014, BJP won 43 seats. Based on the analysis below, it is expected that his party BJP will get lesser number of seats as compared to previous results. The results could be fractured […]

Rainfall prediction for 2019 – Ardra Pravesh chart

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Conclusion: Based on the analysis below, we can conclude as follows; A. Rains will be below average and not up to the mark. B. The analysis are for all over India. 1. Beginning June 22, 2019…. The rains will be scanty due to following reasons; a. Few planets in watery signs b. In Sapta nadi […]

Oath taking chart of Narendra Modi

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Conclusion: Based on the compressed dasas given the analysis, following can be expected. 1. The upcoming Lunar eclipse on July 17, 2019 is happening in the axis of Sagittarius/Gemini. This will afflict the Lagna lord Mars in Gemini. During this period some senior member of the Government may face health issues. Their security need to […]

Kota Chakra and its effect on Lok Sabha Elections results

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Conclusion 1. Kota chakra can be applied to study even in natal charts in addition to Oath taking charts. 2. I have analysed the application of Kota chakra on all previous Loksabha elections since 1984. 3. Based on the results obtained from the previous Loksabha election results, the results for the 2019 will not prove […]

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 – Analysis of prominent leaders from Ruling and Opposition parties.

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Conclusion 1. The analysis is based on dasa and transit as on April 7, 2019 as this was the date of first phase in 2014. 2. The chart of BJP is weak as also that of Modi. The chart of Nitin Gadkari is stronger than Modi. Based on this, BJP on its own will not […]

Amit Shah – will his magic wand work for BJP ?

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Conclusion: The present period is not good for him and his magic wand will not work from June 2018 to April 2019. Analysis: We will be facing many state elections whose results will be coming through from December 11, 2018 for 5 major States and thereafter the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 in April/May 2019. […]