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Amit Shah – will his magic wand work for BJP ?

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Conclusion: The present period is not good for him and his magic wand will not work from June 2018 to April 2019. Analysis: We will be facing many state elections whose results will be coming through from December 11, 2018 for 5 major States and thereafter the Lok Sabha Elections of 2019 in April/May 2019. […]

Upcoming State Elections 2018 – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Chhatisgarh – Vedic Astro Analysis

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Conclusion: 1. Madhya Pradesh: Comparing Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the chart of Jyotiraditya is much better. Under the leadership of Scindia, Congress will do much better. It will be advisable to announce Scindia as the CM candidate in advance. Between, BJP and Congress, Congress stands in a better footing than BJP. Though its marginal. […]

Manohar Parrikar – Goa CM Health Update

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Conclusion 1. The period till the end of September 2018 is very critical. 2. When Ketu in transit will transit to Sagittarius (On March 23, 2019) and trine to natal Jupiter in Leo it will be highly critical. 3. So his critical period starts from September 2018 Analysis I had on March 17, 2018 tweeted […]

Oath taking chart of Imran Khan

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Conclusion: 1. Imran Khan is likely to get in to tussle with the Military establishment. 2. There is likely of Military coup. 3. His allies may pull the plug and thereby the stability will be at stake 4. His health is likely to suffer. Especially during the period August 2020 to June 2021. 5. With […]

Bharatiya Janata Party – Varshaphal 2018 – By Tajik Analysis

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Conclusion: 1. There will be severe internal strife. 2. There will be some resistance for the Modi’s as PM Candidate 3. Some of the senior founding member of BJP will fall ill and face health issues. 4. BJP will have tough competition from the Opposition parties. 5. BJP’s allies at the centre will severe relationship […]

Donald Trump – Birth Chart – Analysis through Progressed chart

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Conclusion: Based on the analysis, Trump will face serious challenges professionally for the next one year till June 2019 and could also get impeached. In my previous article on his Oath taking chart, I had predicted that his period between March 2018 to October 2018 will be facing severe challenges. http://jupiterastrology.com/c9-political-predictions/donald-trump-oath-taking-chart-a-sidereal-nirayana-analysis/ Analysis: The analysis of […]

Rainfall prediction for 2018 – Ardra Pravesh chart

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Conclusion: Based on the analysis below, we can conclude as follows; – Rains will be evenly spread in July to September, 2018. This can be seen from the table provided where it is marked in “GREEN”. – Rains will start receding from 2nd week of October, 2018 – From July 17, 2018 for one month […]

Oath taking of Karnataka Chief Minister – H D Kumaraswamy

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Conclusion: He will be able to stay as CM till March 2020. In between there will be lot of challenges. For details refer my detailed analysis written below. Analysis: On May 23, 2018 HDK took oath after a turbulent floor test where B S Yedurappa had to step down as he was unable to clear […]

Karnataka State Elections 2018…….A Bi – Polar fight?

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Conclusion: 1. The objective of the analysis is not to predict how many seats each party will be able to bag. The limited objective is to analyse the horoscope and see who is stronger, who can reach the goal post, who is game-changer and who is weak. This will give the reader an idea as […]

Sridevi Kapoor – the astrological analysis behind her death

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Conclusion: Conclusion: Based on the analysis below, the aspect of transit Mars (from Scorpio – signifying mystery, suicide or murder) on the jeeva karaka (Venus) and atma karaka (Sun) shows some mystery behind her death and the mystery behind her death will get opened up in future. For detailed astrological analysis on other aspects read […]