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Modi Government to face trouble?

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This write up is just the reproduction of my Facebook post posted on August 31, 2017. India Independence chart………….Transit Uranus (Retro) exactly conjunct the 10th cusp. Transit Neptune (retro) is semi-square to the 10th cusp. Uranus and Neptune are very slow moving planets, hence its effect will be there for long time till first quarter […]

USA and North Korea – The relationship is getting worse.

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Off late the relationship between the above two countries are getting worse. North Korea has threatened to destroy the Guam area in the USA by using a missile which will travel to the Guam with 14 minutes. I had written my article on what are expected after Trump takes over as the President of the […]


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Yesterday after the six months of factions in the AIADMK, the two factions namely EPS and OPS came together. But, the game is not yet over as there is a third faction led by TTV Dhinakaran. I have earlier said in my writings that the EPS as CM will survive only till October 2017. TTV […]

Priyanka Gandhi – Likely to take over as Congress head ?

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There has been a clear vacuum in the Congress and now it is as good as headless or needs a serious change in leadership. I had written my three articles on Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi. On Rahu Gandh, I had predicted that he would be handed over the post of Congress President-ship […]

Nitish Kumar – Analysis of the new Oath taking chart

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We all witnessed how Nitish Kumar broke the alliance with RJD. When Nitish Kumar took oath with the support of BJP, I had mentioned that the Government will be short-lived and few reasons were mentioned in my Facebook post. We will now discuss the Oath taking chart in detail. The following is the Oath taking […]

D K Shivakumar – Minister of Karnataka Govt.

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Doddalahalli Kempegowda Shivakumar is a politician from the Indian state of Karnataka. A member of the Indian National Congress, he is currently serving as the Minister of Energy in the government of Karnataka. He is a member of the Legislative Assembly from Kanakapura constituency. We have seen how he is now in the limelight for […]

Nawaz Sharif – Disqualified by Pakistan Supreme Court & what is more to come.

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Nawaz Sharif today had to resign as Prime Minister as he and his family members were found to be guilty under Panama Papers. SC has directed the National Accountability Bureau, Pakistan’s main anti-corruption watchdog, to file a case against Sharif and his children in an anti-corruption court within 6 weeks and that the trial should […]

Bihar State – Will Nitish – Lalu alliance survive?

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I had written an article on Nitish Kumar’s Oath taking chart on November 20, 2017. In this, I had clearly predicted that alliance with LaLu and Congress will be very challenging. The gist of my earlier prediction is given below. “Nitish will be able to complete his term as the 4th house of opposition is […]

China – Is it just threatening for a War ?

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This is my second article on China. The first article was written in September 2014 http://jupiterastrology.com/c8-mundane/china-recent-intrusions-at-ladakh-is-this-the-effect-of-lunar-and-solar-eclipse/. In this article the analysis were done with respect to the Solar and Lunar eclipses those occurred in the month of October 2014. These two eclipses occurred on the 1/7 axis of the China Republic chart of January 1, […]

Astro-Carto-Graphy – A study of Donald Trump Birth Chart

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Astro-Carto-Graphy (ACG) is an excellent tool to find out which is the best place for a person to Re-locate. I have been doing research on this for a long time and wanted to write article for the benefit of the Astrology community. I have done this analysis on many of my known family members and […]