26th July Moradabad Sunrise

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Todays Moradabad‘s sunrise chart is very disturbing. The asc rising is cancer. The asc lord moon in 12th house nearing the visha gati degrees. Jupiter a significator of religion is exactly combust and aspected by ketu and saturn (who is with rahu). The asc similarly is also affliected. In the navamsa the moon is again […]

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Unrest in Libya

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Just switched on TV and came to know the unrest in Libiya. I immediately scanned through the book of world horoscopes and found the chart of Libiya Independence. It was on Dec 24,1951 at 00.00 hrs at Tripoli, Libiya, Lat 32N54 and Long 13E11. The chart attached is a sayana chart. The sayana chart always […]

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  The author, Sundar Balakrishnan is a qualified astrologer from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai with 2-year Jyotirvid and 3-year Jyotirvisharad. Specialization in Vedic, Jaimini, Stellar and Western astrology. Special interest in Mundane and medical astrology. He is also a graduate in Commerce and MBA-Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai. He practices all schools of Astrology and KP Astrology […]