Assassination of past Presidents of America & its connection with Saturn/Jupiter conjunction/connection

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Conclusion The conjunction of major planets like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a special signification in Mundane astrology. It has been a matter of continuous research on these conjunctions. I have been doing the research in Mundane astrology for the last 10 years and have come to conclusion that the conjunctions of […]

China – Effects of upcoming Solar eclipse of June 21, 2020

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Conclusion: The Government will face severe challenges Ruling Govt leaders will face health issues China will help Pakistan financially in case, Pakistan retaliates against India The COVID cases will re-emerge again The people in general will face financial hardships The international organisation like WHO, UN, ICJ, etc will go against China The relationship with their […]

Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Capricorn (Effect on India) – Part 2

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Conclusion: As per the analysis below, we can expect the following events to unfold during the whole period of stay of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn i.e: till November 21, 2021. Natural calamities like earthquakes, storms, floods, etc Accidents due to fires Death of some Opposition leaders Some Ruling Govt leaders will fall sick Changes […]